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Later, other computer manufacturers also built Splashtop into certain models and re-branded it under different names.The aspects below detailing these events are retained verbatim from past articles, for historical reference.The original concept of Splashtop was that it was intended to be integrated on a read-only device and shipped with the hardware, rather than installed by the user.It did not prevent the installation of another operating system for dual booting.

Much like operating systems, the browser now has a one-click option to return to the default Firefox state before you made any changes.So what can you do when Firefox is running slow while other browsers are still fast?We’ve talked about some of the simple ways to speed up Firefox Browser speed these days actually comes down to performance and how you use the program.Despite Splashtop OS is Linux based, Splashtop closed partnership with Yahoo! After assessing Splashtop OS technology, Google decided to launch its own Chrome OS and Chromebook.The online downloadable version of Splashtop OS (beta) version uses Microsoft Bing as search engine, a Chromium-based web browser with Adobe Flash Player plug-in preinstalled.

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For Mozilla Firefox users, this means choosing the right settings, the right extensions, and tab management. There are easy extensions for apps like disabling Pocket and other integrations, and finding the most memory-draining apps.

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